What does Google know about me? This data is collected

What does Google know about me? This data is collected

Google has established itself as the leading tech giant and, in addition to the search engine of the same name, offers a wide variety of services that have become indispensable tools for many people. More and more people are rightly asking themselves: What does Google know about me? While using Google services is convenient, the internet giant is also known for collecting, analyzing and exploiting a wide variety of data. The collection of data goes far beyond the recording of search queries and includes location data, emails and app usage. The data is not only used to improve the service, but also to display personalized advertising. This data collection is practiced by Google on a large scale, which is problematic in terms of data protection. In this respect, the question "What does Google know about me?" is more than justified.

Data collection in detail - what does Google know about me?

What does Google know about me? The answer to this question requires a differentiated view of the different ways in which Google collects data. In principle, Google always collects data when you carry out a Google search or use a Google service. This is particularly problematic with regard to the Android operating system, which is pre-installed on millions of devices. Android belongs to Google, and many Google services and apps are pre-installed on the corresponding devices. For users, this means that practically every interaction with the smartphone potentially generates data that is sent to Google. This includes, for example, information on app usage, device information, location data, etc. Google collects data from various sources:

· Search queries and browsing: As already mentioned, searches in particular are a medium through which Google collects data. Not only is the search term recorded, but also the page that is visited. The time users spend on the respective page and the links they click on are also recorded.

· Email communication: User data is also collected via Gmail, Google's email service. Google recognizes patterns in communication and identifies keywords in order to place targeted advertising.

· Google Maps: Location information is collected via Google Maps. This data is particularly sensitive, as daily routines can be recorded using the location history and conclusions can be drawn about the place of residence, etc.

· YouTube: Google records subscribed channels and collects data about which videos users watch on the platform, which videos they like or dislike, etc.

· Device activities: In the case of an Android device, Google also collects data about the way users use their devices, including keystrokes, voice commands (via Google Assistant) and even motion sensors.

So what does Google know about me? Google collects a wide variety of data and can use it to create a detailed profile of users that contains information on likes and dislikes, habits and even daily routines. However, what the company knows about users depends primarily on how many Google services they use and whether they use an Android device. Users are attaching more and more importance to data protection - it is not for nothing that many are looking for alternative search engines to Google and Google Maps alternatives.

What does Google think or know about me and my data? How users learn more

What does Google know about me? Google offers users various ways of gaining an insight into the data collected and exercising control over it. Users can get an initial overview via the Google Dashboard. Here, users can view information about their Google account, including their activities and data collected via various Google services such as Gmail, Google Maps and YouTube. Here, users can also download their data or remove Google services from their account. “My Activities” provides users with a detailed overview of the use of various Google services. Search history, websites visited, videos viewed, and even voice commands can be viewed here. The location history can be displayed via the Google Maps timeline.

The Google Ad Center is particularly informative. This gives users an insight into the personalized advertising placed for them. As the advertising is displayed on the basis of the profile created by Google, users who ask themselves the question "What does Google know about me?" will find what they are looking for on this website.

What does Google know about me and how do I protect my privacy?

Fortunately, there are various ways for users to protect their privacy on the Internet. The first of these are the measures that users can take in their Google account to ensure greater privacy.

The first step is to deactivate the tracking of web and app activities, the location history and the YouTube history. This is very easy to do via the "My activities" page. Another step is to deactivate personalized advertising. This prevents Google from displaying advertising based on user behavior. It should be noted that Google still collects data - the data is just not used to display personalized advertising. Of course, users can also delete the data collected by Google - this is possible via the dashboard, and personal data can also be deleted via "My activities". Users can use the "Delete automatically" function to have their data deleted at regular intervals.

Although the functions within Google offer a certain degree of privacy, they are not enough. Users must take further steps to be able to browse anonymously. This includes, for example, using an anonymous search engine that does not store user data in the first place and does not sell it to third parties. A VPN, such as TeleGuard, also offers a high level of protection by encrypting Internet traffic and hiding the IP address. What does Google know about me? Google only knows as much as users reveal about themselves - by taking certain measures, users retain or regain control of their data.